Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ride the West - Day 18, King City California to Paso Robles California

This was destined to be a strange day. We have several riders who are taking the SAG instead of pedaling and now we have added Baltimore Mark to those ranks. He's feeling ill and having a tough time with his coughing and feeling poorly. Needless to say, he didn't ride any today, but instead was relegated to sit in the van, with a surgical mask handed to him to cover his face. Joe and I are continuing with that thought and making him wear it tonight too.

Joe, AKA Typhoid Joe, patient zero of the plague

The day started out foggy and cool once again. I was borderline as to whether I should have my usual 3 layers, or drop down to 2. I elected the 3 layer approach, as you can always take off if you have too much, but you can't put on if you have too little. Once we got over the 1st climb, the sun came out and Joe and I zoomed our way to the 1st SAG. At that point, it was sunny and warm and I was finally down to 1 layer of cycling clothes. Hallelujah!

Gary Weinstein and the countryside behind

I rode with Gary from the 1st SAG and we had a discussion on a variety of topics, from hedge funds to colonoscopies. I guess we have a diverse repertoire of interests, so it seems. Gary did give me an interesting idea for a Christmas present for my wife, Aila. Gary and I made it to the Bee Rock Store, a stopping point in the middle of nowhere. The area we are in, is very rural and mostly made up of horse farms. There is not very much agriculture at this point, but this store was there, in the middle of nothing.

The Bee Rock Store

After the stop at the store I rode alone and headed up the next long climb of the day, which was just after the stop. Once at the top, there was a great view of the valley behind me, and a great view of Lake Nacimiento in front of me. There was still to be much more climbing in the day.

Lake Nacimiento

After crossing the dam along the lake, the roads continued on their now familiar path of climbs and descents taking me on the road to Paso Robles. I happened upon an interesting winery called “Chronic Cellars” and Kevin, who worked there, allowed me a few free samples. The wine was good, but not great. They only grow some of their own grapes and purchase the rest from other local farmers.

Kevin pouring me a wine sample

I made my way to the hotel and headed out for a lunch. The 62 miles today had lots of climbing, but was another nice ride.

One of the climbs

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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