Friday, September 7, 2012

Ride the West - Day 6, Gold Beach Oregon to Crescent City California

Today was the coldest day so far, although our hopes were for warmer weather as we keep heading further south. There were several sights to see along the way, and Joe and I stopped and took advantage of each of them. We started the day with a 3 mile climb, followed by an optional climb up Cape Sebastian Viewpoint. The optional climb had 2 steep sections that measured up to a 26% grade, according to my GPS. These climbs were similar to Connecticut climbs and were quite enjoyable, although they made you realize that you really were alive. At 20% or higher, you generally need to be standing on the pedals grinding up the hill.

The 3 amigos on the beach in Gold Beach

Along the way, we stopped at Arch Rock, which is located in the ocean and looks like the name suggests, an arch. At least it was clear enough to see the sight, although it wasn't very exciting.

Arch Rock

Next we stopped at the Natural Bridge, which is really 3 natural bridges. The sight was quite impressive, and when we got there, you could see people enjoying themselves on the top of the middle bridge.

Natural Bridge

We crossed over the highest bridge in Oregon, the Thomas Creek Bridge. If you are afraid of heights, don't look over the edges as it is quite far from the ground.

View from the top of Thomas Creek Bridge

We continued along the route and Joe and I caught up to and rode with Karen, an ABB staff member, who is quite fast. The 3 of us made excellent time, each taking a turn in pulling the line. We stopped at Rock House Viewpoint. I have no idea why it is called this, because there was no house or remnants of one to be seen. We met some students from Israel who were spending their vacation seeing the sights in America.

Rock House Viewpoint

After 33 miles, we finally completed the Oregon coast and entered California. I was certain that the weather would change instantly at this point to something warmer, because isn't California weather supposed to be wonderful? Well, it was only slightly better, as today was still the coldest one so far. Dreams of hot chowder or hot chocolate kept me going for the duration of the ride, although I never did get any at the end.

Joe and me entering California

We took back-roads most of the way into Crescent City, where we are staying for 2 nights, as tomorrow is a rest day (no blog tomorrow by the way). So far, after 6 days, I have cycled 400 miles and climbed 21,600 feet. Only 1,000 more miles to go in the next 2 weeks.

Light house in Crescent City California

Let see what tomorrow brings.

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