Monday, September 3, 2012

Ride the West - Day 2, Tillamook Oregon to Lincoln City Oregon

Today was a less impressive ride, at least from the viewpoint of the scenery around the inland sections of Oregon. The ocean still has its incredible views and saltwater smell and today we came across a beautiful sandy beach, instead of the typical pebble-laden shores. The ride however, routed us away from directly following the shore and into the typical American towns that have sprung up everywhere. There were still lots of great views along the shore to be drunk in, for sure, but the small towns start to seem all the same after a while.

Sandy beach in Pacific City

We had 4 climbs of substance today, for a total of 4033 feet of climbing. The 1st climb was up to Capes Meares Lookout which had a side road to take us down a steep path to the light house and “Octopus Tree”. You'll see why they call it that from the picture below.

Me in front of the Octopus Tree

The day was a short 58 miles but had 2 SAG stops, which is unusual for a ride. Usually we would only have one on a ride this short. The 1st SAG was in the Cape Lookout State Park, which was quite pretty with lots of ocean views and a beach. Long-weekend road warriors were abundant in the park, but the drivers in Oregon are quite bike-friendly.

Bikes all lined up at the SAG stop

Today was a day to ride with a variety of people. We started out with 13 of us riding together unless we hit the 1st climb. This separated the climbers from the others. During the day I started the ride with John Soley, who was one of my roommates back in the ride across the country. I also rode with Gary Weinstein (a fellow AAN/2010 cyclist from Connecticut), John Douglas (possibly related to me, but it would be from many generations ago), Don Yost (another AAN/2010 cyclist from Oregon), Mose (a cyclist from Michigan, where there are no climbs), Mark and Susan Weisbarth (Toronto Mark was a fellow Gelding from AAN/2010 and Susan, to anyone who has read our blogs from before, is the infamous “Duchess”), and of course my roommates Joe and Baltimore Mark (we have decided to be called the 3 stooges on this ride, with Joe clearly being Curly – same hairline - none, but we're still not sure if Mark is Moe or I am).

More beautiful coastline

People find all sorts of things along the road, especially if you are cycling, as it gives you time to take a look as you are zooming by. However, today had a bit different find for Leo and Jim. They found a human child about 2 years old standing on the road holding onto a frog. Other cars also stopped to help out. The child was upset but couldn't really talk. There were very few houses around and Leo and Jim went around asking about whose kid this is. No-one knew. It was far too far for this child to have wandered here on his own, if he didn't live in those nearby houses. Jim suspects that this child was simply abandoned at the roadside by his parents. 911 was called and hopefully everything turns out fine, but where were the parents? Why was this child playing in the middle of this moderately busy road? I just shake my head in disgust. Afterwards, we learned from the Sheriff that the child lived in one of the nearby houses. That still doesn't explain why he was in the middle of a moderately busy road, unsupervised.

And still more coastline

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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